Luxembourg remembers “Sonnenburg” massacre


Every year, on February 2 Luxembourg remembers the victims of forced conscription during the Second World War and hold a special memorial to remember the Sonnenburg massacre. In Notre Dame Cathedral took place a commemorative service and flowers were laid at the  “Kanounenhiwel”.

 In early 1945, as Allied Forces were approaching Germany, over 90 young Luxembourgers were killed in an SS massacre at a prison in Sonnenburg, today’s Slonsk in Poland. Over 1,000 prisoners were being held at the prison when an SS execution committee arrived on January 30. Overnight, 819 prisoners were killed, including 91 Luxembourg citizens, who had deserted the German army. When Russian troops liberated Sonnenburg two days later, on February 2, they found only four survivors and recorded the misery they saw on camera. The footage was later used during the Nuremberg trials. On the 69th anniversary of the massacre on Friday, the “Amicale Albert Ungeheuer” also held a commemorative ceremony at a school in Dudelange, where Secretary of State for Defence Francine Closener said: “The Luxembourgers who were executed by the SS where not a lot older than most of you students. We have to thank their courage. That we remember them is part of our responsibility not to forget their sacrifice”.