Luxembourg residents more favorable of European Parliament

According to a Eurobarometer poll conducted at the end of last year, two thirds of those surveyed in the Grand Duchy expressed an interest in European affairs and wanted the country to have a greater role in the European Parliament.

 Altogether 67 percent of Luxembourg residents polled said they were very or somewhat interested in European affairs, compared with just 51 per cent on average across Europe. Furthermore, 63 percent supported strengthening the European Parliament’s role, compared with just 54 percent on average among Europeans.

 The Parliament appears to have a relatively good reputation among the Luxembourg public, 39 percent of which said it had a positive image, compared with 27 percent on average across Europe. Just under half of all Luxembourg respondents (45 percent) were neutral about the Commission and just 15 percent suggested it had a negative reputation, compared with more than a quarter (28 percent) of all residents across Europe.