Luxembourg – the country with low level of corruption

коррупция ес

The experts which were involved by the European Commission to make a report on level of corruption in EU member states, said that in Luxembourg the level of corruption is 10 times less than in other European countries. Only 1% of the population faces cases of extortion and other corruption actions. On the average in EU this indicator is four times higher than in Luxembourg. As a whole in EU the volume of corruption reaches 120 billion euro. The EU’s Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem said the actual figure could be even higher, despite amounting to the EU’s entire annual budget or a little less than one percent of the bloc’s total economic output. She said research showed that one in 12 EU citizens had experienced corruption in the past year while four out of 10 companies regard it as «an obstacle for doing business within the EU.» EU Comimissioner hoped that the report will spur the political will and the necessary commitment to address corruption more effectively across EU.