Luxembourg – the country with the highest gross domestic product per capita


The International Monetary Fund published the list of the countries according to the gross domestic product (PPS) per capita. First place in the list is won by Luxembourg – here 110423 dollars are the share of each inhabitant. The relevant data for 2013 is published on the website of the found On the second place – Norway (100318), on the third – Qatar (100260), on the fourth – Switzerland (81323). The USA – on the 24th place (38491) Japan takes the ninth place (53101), the Russian Federation took 51 place, on each Russian in 2013 — 14818 dollars. This indicator is higher then average world for more than 3,5 thousand dollars (average world per capita – 11200 dollars), Poland — on 53 (13334), Ukraine – on 111 (3862).