Luxembourg’s media on the outcome of the parliamentary elections


All newspapers of the Grand Duchy are writing about the parliamentary elections. They state that although the elections won CSV, but DP celebrates the victory.

CSV eventually won 23 parliamentary seats in the parliament, gaining 33.7 percent of the vote . However, it is three places lower than during the previous session .

In the Luxembourg parliament also included Green Party ( six seats), the Democratic Alternative Party ( three members ) and the Left Party (two seats) .

For the first time the «Pirate Party» took part in the elections. Although it did not pass to parliament, but managed to gain about 3 percent of the vote .

Now the parties are ready for coalition negotiations, mark the major publications of Luxembourg. However, their leaders do not hurry to do any statements. In light of the elections journalists make their assumptions on account of the future coalition government . Thus, the media are speculating about the two options : a coalition of CSV — DP and DP- LSAP — Greens.