Luxemburg declared that it would give up its bank secrecy, if the EU negotiate this measure with Switzerland and other off shores

The Prime Minister of Luxemburg Jean-Claude Juncker participated in the meeting of the European council of the heads of state and government which held on May 22nd, 2013 in Brussels. The tax evasion control was a key element of the agenda of this summit.

The main stake was whether Austria and Luxembourg would agree to join the automatic exchange of banking information. So there is no distortion within the EU and Europe could come out in the united front on this issue during G8 and G20 summits.

However Luxemburg Prime Minister, Jean-Claude Juncker conditioned his agreement by the EU negotiations with other off shores which exist in Europe.

«We are ready to give up our bank secrecy and move forward towards the automatic exchange of information, which we want to introduce on January 1st, 2015». But we will do it «if previously there are negotiations with the third countries, in particular with Switzerland», he said.