» Luxemburger Wort » journalists on the probable new government


The journalists of the » Luxemburger Wort «make prognosis on who could occupy positions in the new government. If Xavier Bettel becomes Prime Minister, the position of mayor of the city of Luxembourg is vacant. Lydie Polfer could take it because she already held that position from 1982 to 1999. Against the candidacy of Polfer speaks only one thing — she has a «too high» experience at national and European level.

Etienne Schneider is very likely in a new government as Deputy Prime Minister. Debatable is his domain (usually it is the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs). Certainly, he can keep his post of Minister of Economy. The LSAP could also build for him a kind of reform or «super ministry» (to combine the economy, working and middle classes).

Another ministerial candidate of the LSAP is Mars Di Bartolomeo who could continue as Minister of Health.

It is expected that the LSAP Party leader Alex Bodry will be in the government. Bodry had between 1989 and 1999 several ministerial posts. Quite possible that he will take the post of Minister of the Interior or Justice.

Other socialist candidates for the government are Romain Schneider, Nicolas Schmit and Lydia Mutsch.

Claude Meisch probably take a significant portfolio in the new government. If Etienne Schneider remains Minister of Economy, Meisch will probably be at the head of finance and budget.

André Bauler (DP) could be the new Minister of Education.

Other key figures from DP are Corinne Cahen (for the post of Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities), Anne Brasseur or Maggy Nagel.

François Bausch (The Greens) would be a possible candidate to succeed Claude Wiseler as Minister of Sustainable Development.

The position of the new president of the Chamber of Deputies could be attributed to Jean Asselborn, as Mars Di Bartolomeo Alex Bodry or at least in the case where these two are not ministers.

It is quite possible that Charles Goerens will change Viviane Reding in Brussels after his retirement from national politics. Other candidates for this position are Henri Grethen DP or Claude Turmes (The Greens).