Luxinnovation presented its annual report 2012

President of Luxinnovation Raymond Schadeck together with the Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Etienne  Schneider, for the presentation of the 2012 review of the national agency for the promotion of innovation and research.

In particular, he drew attention to the results of a recent Eurobarometer survey on entrepreneurship which indicated that only 36% of Luxembourgers, preferred being independent against an employee. «This rate is 51% in the United States and 56% in China. This alarming trend for Luxembourg is even more difficult to understand – taking into account that 9 out of 10 Luxembourgers admit that it is the entrepreneurs who create jobs and 4 out of 5 believe that entrepreneurship creates new benefits for all products and services «says Raymond Schadeck.

In 2012, Luxinnovation focused on the following areas: biotechnology, environmental technology, information technology and communication, materials and production technologies, space technology, innovation and craftsmanship development of young innovative companies.

And as it starts at school, it is more necessary than ever, not to «reform» the school system but to «revolutionize» said Raymond Schadeck regretting that the schooling system is now in their majority composed of of language teachers «while the focus should be on science,» said the president of Luxinnovation.