On migration in Luxembourg

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) 20,300 migrants came to Luxembourg in 2011 which represents an increase of 20% over the previous year. Portugal is the first country of origin of migrants contributing to more than a quarter of the total. Then followed by France (16%), Belgium (6%) and Germany (6%). And 9300 foreigners have left the country in 2011, leading to a positive net migration of 11,000 people.

Luxembourg is also unique about the importance of foreigners in the labor market. Hires in 2011 were for more than 50% of foreign workers. What sets the Grand Duchy far ahead: the second country, Switzerland, has a rate of about 30% of foreign employees in new hires.

These foreign assets are more qualified than the OECD average: Luxembourg is part of the trio, with the United Kingdom and Ireland, countries where foreign workers are more qualified. They display a period of study of three years above the average duration of studies for employees born in Luxembourg.

Unsurprisingly, these foreign workers are mainly in the area of services (including financial services) — 37.6%, in the administration — 16.4% and construction — 9.6%.