Parliamentary hearings in Luxembourg on the situation in Ukraine


On March 10 the foreign ministers of the Benelux countries — Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and European Affairs Didier Reynders of Belgium and Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans visited Kiev. They discussed with the Ukrainian partners the current situation in Ukraine and the development of events on the Crimean peninsula.

Following the visit, on March 11 the parliamentary hearings took place in the Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg. Jean Asselborn reported to the deputies about the meetings and conversation with the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine A.Turchinov. Luxembourg Foreign Minister noted that the Benelux countries are in favor of negotiations on Ukraine among main parties concerned in order to find a mutually acceptable solution. The Minister stressed that the imposing of EU sanctions against Russia is a premature measure.

 Vice-Speaker of Luxembourg parliament L.Mosar (CSV) noted that the dialogue with Russia should continue, despite the events in Ukraine. Therefore, in accordance with his opinion, the cancelation of the economic mission of Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg E.Schneider in early March in Russia was a rash decision.

The Foreign Ministers of the Benelux countries will have an additional meeting after the referendum in the Crimea, which will be held on March 16.