Press of Luxembourg about E.Evtushenko

Евтушенко 2

On July 23 and 24 the poet evenings of famous Russian poet Evgeniy Evtushenko took place in Luxembourg. The local press covered these cultural events with a great interest.

In particular, the leading Luxembourg newspaper «Tageblatt» published on the front page of its edition the interview with the poet called «the lyric poet and witness of the epoch. A soldier during the «thaw» period».  The Article to the interview recounts the poet’s contribution to the development of Russian and world literature. Evgeniy Evtushenko, answering to the questions about current events in Ukraine, said that «all ideologies together are not worth a single human life». Talking about the Crimea, he stressed that Crimea’s population decided itself to be with Russia. And this decision saved it from the bloodshed of Donbass. What is happening now in the relations between the West and Russia seems to be sad for the great poet. «For more than 20 years the West helped to bring my country out of isolation, and now, on the contrary, the West itself is trying to isolate Russia».

Evgeniy Evtushenko: «I was attacked by a lot of people because I teach in America. And I try to do everything that the younger generation of Americans doesn’t forget the fraternal spirit of the Elbe».

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