Reaction in Luxembourg to the events in Ukraine


There are many articles in the press of Luxembourg dedicated to the events in Ukraine. «Le Quotidien» newspaper wrote that today everywhere, from the United States to Russia, the heads of diplomacy have taken note the rise of violence in Kiev. Some of them have even stated that the country was on the brink of «civil war.»

According to the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma (lower house of the parliament of the Russian Federation), Alexei Pushkov, Ukraine is on the brink of «civil war.» He accused the West to be responsible for the clashes in Kiev. «I believe that in Ukraine we observe an «orange» scenario for taking power by use of chaos and illegality,» he said,  referring to the 2004 orange revolution; that had led to the power pro-Western forces. «I think these are the West and the Western politicians who are largely responsible, making the constant pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to make them do nothing to restore order in their country and to free ultra radicals’ hands to let them shoot to the police and to provoke a civil war,» he added, quoted by the Interfax agency.

Meanwhile, Berlin threatened Ukraine by possible EU sanctions. «Whoever is responsible for decisions that lead to the bloodshed (…) should expect that the European Union reexamines its position on personal sanctions» against the Ukrainian leaders, said the German diplomacy head, Frank-Walter Steinmeier in a statement.

His French counterpart Laurent Fabius denounced «indiscriminate use of force in Kiev,» calling on all parties «to (…) immediately resume the dialogue.»

In New York, the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon has called on the government and opposition to show restraint in Kiev «to resume a real dialogue» to avoid «more violence «.