Reshaping of the cabinet

Following the CSV national congress, the successors for Ministers François Biltgen and Marie-Josée Jacobs, who are both resigning from their posts, were announced on Saturday.

Minister Biltgen announced his resignation earlier this month, as he is a candidate for a post as judge at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

The outgoing minister holds several ministerial posts, which will be distributed as follows:

  • Culture Minister Octavie Modert will take on the role as Ministers of Justice and Public Service.
  • Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker will add the post of Minister of Religious Affairs to his responsibilities.
  • Finance Minister Luc Frieden will now also be Minister of Media and Communication.
  • A new minister, Martine Hansen, has been recruited from the ranks of the CSV to become Minister of Research and Higher Education.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed on Saturday that Family and Integration Minister Marie-Josée Jacobs would also resign from her post.

The CSV MP Marc Spautz will take on Jacobs’s posts as both Minister of Family and Integration, as well as Minister of Cooperation.

Spautz will also take over as Minister for Relations with the Parliament from Octavie Modert. The CSV’s Pierre Mellina in turn will replace Spautz in parliament.

The outgoing ministers will be relieved of their duties at the Grand Ducal palace on Monday morning. New ministers Hansen and Spautz will take their oath on Tuesday morning.