“Russki Mir” co-organizes the conference on Russia — EU relations


November, 8 — 9 «Russki Mir» Foundation, the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Luxembourg ( «Rossotrudnichestvo «) and the Institute for European and International Studies, Luxembourg, with the active support of the Embassy of Russia hold a large-scale international conference «The Attitude and Contribution of the European Union and its Member States to the Development of the EU-Russia Relations  «. A large delegation headed by Russian experts and personally by Viacheslav Nikonov, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation “Russki Mir «, Head of the Education Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. He is to meet with the leadership of the country and political parties of Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg the interest to the conference is very large, because it differs from the other events of a similar profile — emphasis is laid upon the willingness to discuss how individual countries could support the deepening of relations between Russia and the European Union. The conference will be attended by representatives of the political and financial institutions, the EU, government, parliament, business, financial and expert circles of Luxembourg and the Greater Region. The participation is confirmed by representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Mission to the EU.