Skeed opens an office in Luxembourg to accelerate global expansion from Europe


Skeed Co. Ltd., provider of cutting edge network technology for data delivery and content delivery in Japan, today announced the establishment of Skeed S.A., by the opening of its first global office in Luxembourg.

Founded in 2005, Skeed has been preparing its global strategy recently, and this year Skeed decided to enter the global market with the technologies based on patented intellectual property rights.

“We have chosen Luxembourg for many reasons”, says Nariaki Hatta, CEO of Skeed S.A. Luxembourg. “Luxembourg is offering state-of-the-art infrastructure in terms of connectivity and Data Center hosting. Other assets of Luxembourg are also its economic and political stability, and its geographic location surrounded by France, Germany, and Belgium that provides a quick accessibility to the major markets in Europe. On top of that, the Luxembourg government has been supporting the ICT sector by providing an excellent business environment.”

Skeed S.A. Luxembourg is expecting to expand their business by over 70 million euros in the next 5 years.