Some facts on the formation of the ruling coalition


Luxembourg press highlights several facts concerning the decision on the formation of the tripartite coalition:

- DP, LSAP and the Greens are still determined to form a coalition of three parties. Last night the three parties received a «green light» for the beginning of the coalition negotiations. The new government has to be formed before the beginning of December this year.

- The decision of DP to refuse to negotiate with the CSV has led to the rejection of his mandate and the participation in the government of the second person in the Democratic Party — Charles Goerens. An experienced politician, speaking for the union of DP and CSV in protest decided to end his career in politics.

- The ball is now on the side of the Grand Duke Henri. Judge Ravarani approved as a mediator, last night submitted his report to the Grand Duke. It is expected that responsible for the formation of the government (formateur) should be appointed today.

- CSV begins to realize that the government cabinet doors are closed to it.

(Le Quotidien).