The Greater Region Business days

B Days

The Greater Region Business days will take place in Luxembourg on 18-19 of June.

The Greater Region Business days will bring together several micro events spread over 2 days utilising the various facets of business networking and partnership building. The aim of the organisers is to build a platform with high dynamism and momentum to respond to the requirements of SMEs in the current economic scenario by providing new business opportunities.

With the GR Business Days you will have more interesting ways to find new partners, enlarge your products and service range, explore new technologies and more…Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to participate in interactive conferences, workshops, networking receptions, symposiums to get an insight into economic perspectives amongst the business community in the greater region and beyond.

With the GR Business Days, the Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg aims to establish a strong measure for companies in the Greater Region to develop their business relations in international markets, to showcase the economic potential and rich industry of the region and to allow business exchanges and diversify commercial relationships in the Greater Region.

As a professional chamber and public institution encompassing all sectors of business other than agriculture and crafts, the Chamber of Commerce sees its rationale and role as guardian of the interests of its member companies. The activities of the Chamber of Commerce include a wide range of services including the establishment of an enterprise, business mentoring, foreign and export promotion activities such as trade missions, joint stands at international fairs, international matchmaking events and more.