The Minister of Finance and the government won the confidence of the Parliament

One resolution and one motion introduced by “déi Gréng” and the DP against Finance Minister Luc Frieden and the government as a whole, failed to reach a majority at the Chamber of Deputies on Thursday.

Earlier this week, current Finance Minister and former Justice Minister Luc Frieden was faced with allegations that he tried to bring the “Bommeleeër” investigation, into a series of bombings in Luxembourg in the 1980s, to an early close.

In reaction to these allegations, the Green Party had introduced a resolution in parliament withdrawing their confidence from the minister and calling for his resignation.

In light of recent political scandals involving the Bommeleeër affair as well as an investigation into the activities of the Luxembourg secret service (SREL), the Democratic Party (DP) went one step further and introduced a motion calling for the resignation of the entire government.

The motion by the DP was turned down with 41 no votes versus 19 yes votes. The resolution by déi Gréng was turned down by 41 MPs, versus 18 pro votes.