The Mission of the Finance Minister Luc Frieden to promote the financial center in Scandinavia (22-23.05.2013)

 On 22 and 23 May 2013 the Finance Minister Luc Frieden is conducting a mission to promote the financial sector in Stockholm and Oslo. This mission, organized jointly by the Ministry of Finance and Luxembourg for Finance, is part of the international development strategy for the financial sector and aims to strengthen the business relations between Luxembourg and the Scandinavian financial sector.

During this mission, the Minister will be accompanied by a delegation of specialists from the private and public sector, representing some companies that already are presented in the Scandinavian countries.

A seminar entitled «Why Luxembourg? Opportunities for Swedish / Norwegian investors» is organized by Luxembourg for Finance in Stockholm (May 22) and Oslo (23 May). Luc Frieden is going to have a speech on two major themes: asset management (panel entitled «Cross-border solutions made ​​in Luxembourg») and investment funds (panel entitled «Tools for European Asset Managers»).