The opening of Luxemburg parliament


On November 13, the Chamber of deputies (Luxemburg parliament) has resumed its activity by opening a special session. It was opened by Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker (outgoing but still acting ad interim).

10 deputies, elected for the first time during the anticipated elections, have taken their oath. 36 others, already elected during previous elections, no longer need to do this. Waiting for a new government is formed, 46 of 60 deputies can now work.

However 14 ministers of the outgoing government, which were also (re) elected as deputies, can’t join the backbenches in their respective fraction in the parliament until a new government is in place. Negotiations on the coalition government between the Liberals, the Socialists and the Greens are underway. They have to agree by mid-December on the common program and the distribution of ministerial posts.

Initially, the parliament should resume work just after the Thanksgiving holiday. But it was postponed by the DP, LSAP and Déi Gréng representatives engaged in negotiations on tripartite coalition.