The political discussions in Luxembourg on the formation of the ruling majority


On October 22 Grand Duke Henri met with the leaders of all political parties that had participated in the parliamentary elections. They discussed the results of the voting and the political situation in the country.

Simultaneously the media informed that the leaders of Democratic Party, Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party and «Green» actually started up the trilateral consultations in order to form a governmental coalition. Arithmetically they have a such opportunity. They received 32 of the 60 seats in the parliament. Following the consultations, the three leaders gave numerous interviews on the achievement of the first agreements in this respect.

The steps taken by them caused a negative reaction on the part of the Christian Social Party, which had the first place on the results of the vote. Its leader M.Wolter said that tripartite consultations were not consistent with the spirit of the constitution, as the Grand Duke didn’t appointed no one to deal with the formation of the government. He also expressed a surprise at the fact that the most popular party in the country since the first days was cut off negotiations on the formation of the government. It got a majority in 100 of the 108 communes of the country. In addition, he noted that other political parties didn’t express their intention to form a coalition without CSV.