The spring PolitMonitor


Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn remained the most popular member of government, with 80 percent of voters giving the minister their thumbs up, down from 81 percent in December. He was followed by Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, whose popularity dropped from 80 percent to 75 percent over the past four months.

Only the three most popular and the most competent politicians population also believes nothing changes, not even the ranking. The competence values ​​Jean-Claude Juncker (CSV) is with 85 percent before the socialist Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn (79 percent) and the Liberal Premier Xavier begging (72 percent). Asselborn remains the most sympathetic politicians (80 percent), before Xavier begging (75 percent) and Jean-Claude Juncker (73 percent). All in all, have lost all three politicians on both competence and sympathy values.