University of Luxembourg External Evaluation – High Scores for Research

Following an external audit of the University of Luxemburg research activities underway at the University received high scores from a team of international evaluators.

European business and European law studies were attributed an “excellent” mark, the highest score possible. The “very good” benchmark was attained by research efforts in such fields as International Finance, ICT Security and Bio-Medicine.

 Implementation of the educational concept of studying in a multilingual environment received was marked as “good”.

 Experts emphasized that the very recently established University made remarkable progress over a short time period. However, there is still need to improve the University management framework, namely the introduction and development of an effective Intranet system for better internal communication.

 All recommendations put forward by the expert team were taken into consideration by the University Supervisory Board and will be integrated into the next four-year 2014 – 2017 action plan.